Trellis and the Vine Chapter 5 Study Guide – February 5th

Below you will find the study guide for chapter 5 of Trellis and the Vine. We will be discussing this chapter on February 5th at pastor and Priscilla’s house for directions email Pastor Josh or call the church @ 720-733-9227.

“Is it really true, we often get asked, that the normal Christian life includes disciple-making? What about those who are barely hanging on to faith in Christ? Should we make them feel bad because they aren’t out there sharing the gospel or encouraging someone else in the faith or being ‘trained in ministry’? Aren’t we just making the average struggling Christian feel guilty? Or worse, aren’t we in danger of creating a new kind of legalism, where being ‘involved in disciple-making’ becomes the standard you have to meet to win the approval of your pastor (if not of God)? Do we end up creating two classes of Christians: the ‘keenies’ and the rest?”1 Chapter 5 dives into the book of Philippians with the goal of answering these questions to discover what the partnership between leadership and congregation should look like.

Trellis and the Vine

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Chapter 5 Study Guide

1 – Excerpt From: Tony Payne & Colin Marshall. “The Trellis and the Vine.” iBooks.