Trellis and the Vine Chapter 6 Study Guide – February 12th

Below you will find the study guide for chapter 6 of Trellis and the Vine. We will be discussing this chapter on February 12th at pastor and Priscilla’s house for directions email Pastor Josh or call the church @ 720-733-9227.

“Readers of this book may well fall into two categories. There are some for whom ‘training’ is something of a ministry buzzword. They assume they know what it means, and are accordingly either for it, against it, or just tired of hearing about it. There will be others for whom ‘training’ is something you do at the gym or at theological college or seminary, but who have never considered that ‘training’ ought to happen in the local church.
For the benefit of both groups, and all those in between, let’s pause to consider what ‘training’ really is in connection with Christian life and ministry.”1

Trellis and the Vine

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Chapter 6 Study Guide

1 – Excerpt From: Tony Payne & Colin Marshall. “The Trellis and the Vine.” iBooks.