Trellis and the Vine Chapter 8 Study Guide – February 26th

Below you will find the study guide for chapter 8 of Trellis and the Vine. We will be discussing this chapter on February 26th at pastor and Priscilla’s house for directions email Pastor Josh or call the church @ 720-733-9227.

We’ve come to the point in the flow of our argument where we need to pause and consider in more detail how the model of training and growth we are proposing collides with the reality of our existing church structures and models and practices. Because collide it will. By far the greatest obstacle to rethinking and reforming our ministries is the inertia of tradition—whether the long-held traditions of our denominations and churchmanship, or the more recent traditions of the church growth movement that have become a kind of unspoken orthodoxy in many evangelical churches.

We will get to the somewhat alarming proposition contained in this chapter’s title in due course, but first let’s look at two very common approaches to pastoral ministry, and then contrast them with the approach of this book. Now of course these common approaches are stereotypes, and cannot reflect the multi-faceted reality of ministry in all its variety. All the same, we trust that you can recognize the structures and tendencies reflected in the descriptions, and make adjustments for your own situation accordingly.
There are three approaches or emphases we wish to examine, which we will call:

• the pastor as service-providing clergyman
• the pastor as CEO
• the pastor as trainer.1

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1 – Excerpt From: Tony Payne & Colin Marshall. “The Trellis and the Vine.” iBooks.