Trellis and the Vine Chapter 9 Study Guide – March 5th

Below you will find the study guide for chapter 9 of Trellis and the Vine. We will be discussing this chapter on March 5th at pastor and Priscilla’s house for directions email Pastor Josh or call the church @ 720-733-9227.

“Let’s return to our inspired but overwhelmed pastor. He wants his church to become a training centre, and he wants to equip his people as ‘vine-workers’, but at the same time he is swamped with work—preaching, committees, pastoral crises, and all the rest. He has 130 people to take care of—regular attenders and various contacts and people on the fringe—and he goes through the exercise of listing them all down and assessing where they are up to in the ‘gospel growth’ process.

The problem is, he barely has time to spend with ten of them, let alone 130. How is he going to start ministering personally to this sort of number? How is he going to make progress in training them to be vine-workers?”1

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Chapter 9 Study Guide

1 – Excerpt From: Tony Payne & Colin Marshall. “The Trellis and the Vine.” iBooks.